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What Are the Important Features You Must Look for While Purchasing a Family Car?

3 Important Features of a Good Family Car

Everyone has a different opinion on what features should be standard when it comes to automobiles. While some people value performance and gadgetry, others value safety and total operating expenses. We believe there is much more to the situation than you might think. It mainly depends on the structure of your family. If your family has kids, you must look for ‘built-in sunshades,’ Third-Row Seating,’ ‘accessible car seats, ’ etc. Similarly, if you have elderly members in your family, the car must be user-friendly in the first place. Here in the blog post by Volkswagen of New Port Richey, FL, is a list of 3 important features of a good family car. Keep reading to learn more.

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car on road

How to Replace the Damaged Headlight?

6 Steps to Replace the Damaged Headlight You Must Know About

It’s worse than running with one eye closed at night: one of your headlights has stopped working, a bulb has burned out, or a slight accident has destroyed the lens, reflector, or even the complete lamp casing. Aside from the apparent hazard, there’s also the possibility of receiving a penalty from a sharp-eyed law enforcement officer and a possible hourly rate gouge from a repair shop. However, you can take care of the matter yourself, saving money and giving yourself an excellent flush of satisfaction by repairing a broken headlight. Keep reading the blogpost by Volkswagen of New Port Richey, FL, to learn how to replace the damaged headlight of your vehicle.

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tire view of a VW vehicle

Get Volkswagen Tire Repair Services Near Clearwater, FL

How Long Should the Original Tires on my Vehicle Last?

Keeping an eye on your Volkswagen’s tires is not only crucial for your vehicle’s overall health but is also important for your safety on the road. Getting a flat tire is a driver’s worst nightmare! To avoid that, you must know about the condition of your tires. Are you wondering how long should the original tires on your vehicle last?

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three A/C vents in a car

Auto A/C Repair at Volkswagen of New Port Richey

Where Can I get Auto A/C Services in New Port Richey, FL?

The air conditioning system of your vehicle plays a major role in the comfort of the driver and passengers. With the arrival of summer and the unbearable temperature in New Port Richey, FL, drivers must ensure that their vehicle’s A/C is in great condition. We believe that when you are behind the wheel your focus should be on the road and not on the warm weather. Typically, your vehicle’s A/C will not stop working without warning and it will give you signs that it needs service.

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person remotely unlocking a parked 2020 VW Jetta

Get to know your Volkswagen model’s convenience features

How to use Keyless Entry and Remote Start in your VW model

These days, we have so many conveniences that it is hard to imagine how we ever lived without them. That is quite true for vehicles in particular. Volkswagen continues to create features that offer convenience for its drivers. Among them are Keyless Entry and Remote Start. We have a couple of videos here to demonstrate how to use Keyless Entry and Remote Start in your VW model. 

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Car brakes and disc up close

Where can I get my VW brakes replaced near Pinellas County, FL?

Schedule Volkswagen Brake Service near Palm Harbor, FL

While we wish that vehicles didn’t need to have service done to run safely and at peak efficiency, it just isn’t the reality we live in. Every few thousand miles, components in every vehicle need to undergo preventative maintenance to remain functioning properly. Brakes are one of many important components in a vehicle and having them work at maximum efficiency is arguably one of the most important things your vehicle can have. While the service interval for brake pad replacement depends on what the manufacturer recommends and driving conditions, most brakes should generally be replaced every 50,000 miles. When it is time to have Volkswagen brake service near Palm Harbor, FL, bring it to the experts at Volkswagen of New Port Richey.

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Mechanic working with socket wrench in engine

Where can I get an oil change for my VW in Pasco County?

Volkswagen Oil Change in New Port Richey, FL

Is it time for you to have the oil changed in your Volkswagen? Well, if you are in the Pasco County, FL area, bring your VW to Volkswagen of New Port Richey! Our top of the line service center is staffed with expert technicians who have the training and know-how to provide quality service and maintenance to your Volkswagen, so whether you need an oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment or another service, trust the experienced team at Volkswagen of New Port Richey. Continue reading below to learn about the importance of getting an oil change and how to schedule one at Volkswagen oil change at Volkswagen of New Port Richey!

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Woman holding a phone looking at VW Car-Net

How to Enroll in Volkswagen Car-Net®

Video: Volkswagen Car-Net Self-Enrollment Process Explained

Volkswagen Car-Net® is an available feature on newer vehicles and allows the driver to access three programs— Volkswagen Car-Net® App-Connect, Volkswagen Car-Net® Guide & Inform and Volkswagen Car-Net® Security & Service. Through the system, VW owners can access applications like music, messaging, maps and more through Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.  Learn about the VW Car-Net® self-enrollment process by watching the video below!

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