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How to Replace the Damaged Headlight?

6 Steps to Replace the Damaged Headlight You Must Know About

It’s worse than running with one eye closed at night: one of your headlights has stopped working, a bulb has burned out, or a slight accident has destroyed the lens, reflector, or even the complete lamp casing. Aside from the apparent hazard, there’s also the possibility of receiving a penalty from a sharp-eyed law enforcement officer and a possible hourly rate gouge from a repair shop. However, you can take care of the matter yourself, saving money and giving yourself an excellent flush of satisfaction by repairing a broken headlight. Keep reading the blogpost by Volkswagen of New Port Richey, FL, to learn how to replace the damaged headlight of your vehicle.

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Step 1: Turn off your automobile.  

Turn off your automobile and remove the keys from the ignition to safeguard your safety.  

Step 2: Remove the engine compartment cover.  

Remove the hood and look for the headlight holder towards the front of the vehicle.  

Step 3: Disconnect the power wires for the headlight bulbs.  

The base of the lightbulb typically has three wires connecting to it. Push the clasp or cap that holds them in place down.  

Step 4: Unscrew the old headlight  

The bulb connector is inserted directly into a round, plastic surface with the screw cap design. Friends, this is your hat. Unplug the connector and twist the entire cap clockwise until it comes off.  

Step5: Remove the old bulb  

The connector is made to fit into the base of an old lightbulb. Remove it from the outlet if you haven’t already. After that, grab the original bulb by the plastic base and pull it slowly. You may need to twist the base slightly during the removal procedure.


Step6: Install the Replacement bulb with care  

Take the new bulb by the base and place it in the socket where the old one used to be. The next step is to attach it to the connector. After you’ve completed this, reverse step five. To put it another way, if your catch mechanism is made of plastic, ensure the lever is returned to its original position. If you’re working with a metal clip, return it to its original location. If you have a screw cap apparatus, replace the cap (making sure the connector is connected in).

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