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Where can I get an oil change for my VW in Pasco County?

Volkswagen Oil Change in New Port Richey, FL

Is it time for you to have the oil changed in your Volkswagen? Well, if you are in the Pasco County, FL area, bring your VW to Volkswagen of New Port Richey! Our top of the line service center is staffed with expert technicians who have the training and know-how to provide quality service and maintenance to your Volkswagen, so whether you need an oil change, tire rotation, wheel alignment or another service, trust the experienced team at Volkswagen of New Port Richey. Continue reading below to learn about the importance of getting an oil change and how to schedule one at Volkswagen oil change at Volkswagen of New Port Richey!

Is an oil change necessary?

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Oil changes are an important service for all vehicles. Oil circulates the engine lubricating the metal components while also helping it maintain a safe temperature. The oil becomes worn down and dirty with dust and grime after a few thousand miles, so it needs to be flushed and replaced. If the engine oil is not changed, the engine can run less efficiently, overheat and eventually stall. You can determine how often your vehicle needs an oil change by referring to the suggested maintenance interval in its owner’s manual. Typically, vehicles that use conventional oil should have it changed every 3,000 miles, while synthetic oil can last around 7,500 miles.   

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Schedule Vehicle Service in Pasco County, FL

When your Volkswagen is due for an oil change or another form of preventative maintenance, bring it to our top-notch service department at Volkswagen of New Port Richey! Make sure to check out our service specials before stopping in! You can schedule a service appointment at our dealership, online or by calling us at 833-905-0379. We hope to see you soon!