2020 Volkswagen Tiguan vs 2020 Ford Escape

For the new model year, the VW Tiguan has undergone a mild refresh, adding value by standardizing certain features and technologies. That only improves its standing as one of the top options in the compact crossover segment. We thought we’d see just how well it measures up to one of its biggest competitors by pitting the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan against the 2020 Ford Escape.

Both crossovers are excellent choices in the compact utility vehicle class, although the Ford Escape is all-new for the 2020 model year as it enters its fourth generation. The Tiguan kicked off its second generation back in 2016.

2020 VW Tiguan


2020 Ford Escape

184 HP Horsepower 181 HP
25 mpg Combined Fuel Economy 30 mpg
65.7 cu. ft. Max Cargo Capacity Max Cargo Capacity
7 Passengers 5


Advantages of the 2020 VW Tiguan

As you can see, these two crossover utility vehicles are incredibly similar to one another. Each one does have its advantages though. For the Tiguan, the advantages kick off in the first row, as it delivers an extra 3 horsepower. While it’s not a huge advantage, it does give the Tiguan an early leg up. The Ford model’s one big advantage happens in the second row, where it achieves an extra 5 miles per gallon when driving on both the highway and through the city.

That’s the only advantage the table shows for Ford, though. Not pictured is another sizeable advantage for the Escape, in that it delivers 33.5 cubic feet behind its back seat compared to the Tiguan model’s 12.0 cu. ft. However, there’s a reason for that. The Tiguan has a whole third row of seating, making it able to accommodate two more passengers than the Escape can. When all of the seats are dropped, the Tiguan actually does offer more cargo space in the form of 0.3 cu. ft.

If you can look over the fuel economy deficit, then the Tiguan will give you slight boosts in max cargo and power and a whole extra row of seats. Get in touch with us if you think you might be interested.