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Tire Replacement in New Port Richey, FL

There is no denying that tires play an integral role in the functioning of any vehicle. They are relied on to gain traction, maintain control, and brave rough terrain like potholes, mud puddles and scolding hot pavement. Typically, tires should be replaced every three or four years, but unfortunate occurrences like running over sharp or metal objects, improper inflation or misalignment can call for replacing tires early. If your vehicle needs new tires in New Port Richey, FL, bring it to the experts here at Volkswagen of New Port Richey.

How can you tell when it’s time to replace tires?  

Even if the driver keeps up with important preventative maintenance like wheel alignment, tire rotation and tire balance services, tires inevitably wear over time. Typically, tires should be replaced every 50,000 to 70,000 miles if the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule is followed. If you are wondering if you should change your tires, you can check the tread wear by doing the penny test. Place a penny in the grooves of the tire tread and if you can see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s head, you have less than 2/32-inch of tread depth. Tires older than 10 years should be replaced regardless of their condition. If you are unsure whether it’s time for tire replacement, bring your vehicle to Volkswagen of New Port Richey for an inspection.

Replace Your Tires at Volkswagen near Tampa

Tires are an important component of each drive and it is essential that they perform at optimal efficiency to ensure a safe and controlled drive. When it is time to replace the tires on your Volkswagen near Tampa, FL, bring it to the professionals at Volkswagen of New Port Richey. You can schedule a service appointment online, or by calling us at 833-905-0365.

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