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Transmission Flush in New Port Richey, FL

There is no denying the importance of staying up to date on preventative maintenance. Following the manufacturer’s recommended service intervals is a great way to prolong a vehicle’s life and get the most value out of it. A few key forms of preventative maintenance include oil changes, tire rotations and transmission flushes. When it comes to transmission flushes, one of the most important types of maintenance for keeping it running as smoothly as possible is a transmission flush. This maintenance should be performed every 50,000 to 60,000 miles on most vehicles, but the manufacturer’s recommended interval depends on the year, make and model of the vehicle. When it is time to have a transmission flush in New Port Richey, FL, schedule a service appointment with the experts at Volkswagen of New Port Richey.

What is the point of having a transmission flush?

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the purpose of vehicle maintenance. While each type is important, transmission flushes are integral to the performance of the transmission, which is the component of the vehicle that handles gear shifting. The fluid in the transmission serves as a lubricant and coolant for moving metal components, but over time the fluid becomes worn down and dirty, which is where the transmission flush comes into play. Transmission flushes involve using special equipment to drain the fluid, flushing grime and metal shards from the transmission and adding new and fresh fluid. When it is time to have a transmission flush, bring your vehicle to a service center that has the tools and equipment necessary to provide quality and concise service each time.

Schedule Service at Volkswagen of New Port Richey

If you have driven more than 50,000 or 60,000 miles since your vehicle had its last transmission flush, you should consider scheduling one soon. If you go too long with out having your vehicle’s transmission flushed, it may become damaged and need to be repaired. For this reason, the best practice is to follow the suggested maintenance interval listed in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. Schedule a service appointment in the New Port Richey, FL area at Volkswagen of New Port Richey online, at our dealership or by calling 833-905-0379 today.

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