Volkswagen Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service

Volkswagen Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service

Volkswagen Check Engine Light Diagnosis in New Port Richey, FL

There aren’t many worse things that can happen during a drive than happily driving along, and suddenly the check engine light comes on. This can cause undue stress and panic as the driver tries to determine what caused the light to come on, and it can also be a problem every time you turn the car back on, remember that you have to get that issue resolved. At Volkswagen of New Port Richey, we’ll diagnose your check engine light for you.


Why Check Engine Lights Turn On

Your car, and most notably your fuel system, is lined by hundreds of sensors. These sensors tell the computer something about your vehicle, whether it’s the amount of oxygen near the sensor, the number of rotations of the engine, or some other vital statistic. When a sensor in your fuel system detects something wrong, it will send a code to the computer, and the computer will log that code and turn on the check engine light.

Check Engine Light Diagnosis Near Seven Springs and Bayonet Point, FL

Our certified technicians start diagnosis by looking up the code from the computer to see what sensor is involved and what that sensor reported. From there, they can know the general areas where your car might have malfunctioned, and they can check each area, ruling out each one until they find the problem. Then they can recreate the problem to verify what happened, and then your problem is diagnosed. From there, they’ll let you know what you can do to solve the problem.

OEM Parts for Your Repairs and Replacements Near Tarpon Springs and Elfers, FL

We’re the premier provider of OEM parts for your vehicle, and when your check engine light diagnosis suggests a replacement or repair, we’re here to help. We’ll provide our stock of OEM parts sourced directly from Volkswagen so that you can have the best part for the job in your car. OEM parts are rigorously tested by Volkswagen so that they can guarantee that the part will perform as it should, so you never have to worry about their quality.

Visit Volkswagen New Port Richey for Your Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Our experts know your car inside and out, and they’ll be sure to find the exact problem that caused your check engine light to illuminate. They’ll also be there to help repair whatever might have gone wrong with your vehicle, and they’ll give you the best repair experience you could want. Our comfortable waiting area is ready and waiting for you, so set up your appointment online today!