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At Volkswagen of New Port Richey, our certified service center is the place to go in Pasco County to have your recalls resolved.


Your Local Volkswagen Recall Department in New Port Richey, FL

Your car is made to the highest standards Volkswagen has for quality and performance, but every once in a while, Volkswagen didn’t catch a problem before the vehicle left the factory. These problems are addressed through recalls, which let certified service centers take care of the problems at no cost to the owner so that your car is back to how Volkswagen intended. At Volkswagen of New Port Richey, our certified service center is the place to go in Pasco County to have your recalls resolved.


How You Can Find Out What Recalls Your Car Has

When a recall is issued, Volkswagen sends out a notice via mail to the affected owners. However, mail can get lost, addresses change, or someone might mistake the notice for junk mail, all of which can lead to you not knowing about a recall when it’s announced. To fix this disconnect, we have a recall search tool where you can enter your car’s information and see what open recalls may exist for your vehicle.

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Volkswagen Recall Department
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Our Certified Technicians Are Professionals

While Volkswagen provides detailed instructions on how to take care of an open recall, those instructions are only useful if the person following them understands Volkswagens. That’s why only certified service centers are trusted to take care of the recall on Volkswagen’s behalf, and that’s why you can trust our certified technicians to get the job done right. Our experts know your Volkswagen from headlights to tailpipe, and they’ll make sure your car is in the best condition it can be when you bring your vehicle to us.

How Recalls Are Issued

Volkswagen can voluntarily issue recalls, or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration can mandate them. Either way, Volkswagen or the NHTSA receive many consumer reports about defects and problems, and they watch for any patterns in specific cohorts of cars that have the same defect or problem. Once they establish that a subset of Volkswagen vehicles might have an issue to be taken care of, they issue a formal recall, as well as a service bulletin letting our technicians know what the optimal fix would be.

Service Specials

Come to Volkswagen of New Port Richey for Your Recall Service

We’ll take care of you when you get your recalls resolved at our service center. Not only will we provide a complimentary multi-point inspection with your service, but we also have a comfortable waiting area with flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, and a complimentary coffee and beverage bar. We have courtesy loaners and a courtesy transportation shuttle if you have other places to be as well, so set up your appointment online today!