Volkswagen Diesel Oil Change Service

Volkswagen Diesel Oil Change Service

What to Expect with Volkswagen Diesel Oil Change

Diesel engine oil change isn't much different from the need for oil changes with gasoline engines, nor are Volkswagen oil changes different from changing the oil in other vehicles. The technician unscrews a bolt from below the oil pan to drain the old oil, inspects the oil for any contamination as it drains, and refills the tank after replacing the plug. Whether it's a conventional diesel oil change or synthetic diesel oil change doesn't matter to the process, other than the synthetic doesn't have to be changed as often. Generally speaking, although traditional and synthetic oils are interchangeable, to continue using what was previously used according to the manufacturer's recommendation and what the technician advises.


Why a VW TDI Engine Needs Regular Oil Changes

Traditional wisdom suggests diesel oil changes being conducted as scheduled are more important than regular oil changes with a gasoline engine because diesel engines are expected to last longer and can be more expensive to work on. It's especially true that Volkswagen TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) engines need the oil changed on time because of the tighter tolerances a turbo engine uses to run efficiently.

What Happens when Oil Changes Aren't Performed

When oil changes aren't performed on time, it can damage internal engine components either by allowing them to overheat or if the oil has become contaminated, with condensation or debris, not allowing them to lubricate moving parts effectively. That puts stress on the cylinders and pistons, which can either scratch or warp them, leading to a loss of power. Eventually, such damage will lead to engine failure and expensive rebuild procedures to get the vehicle running again. With that said, the importance of following the oil change schedule is more about preventing a problem than solving one, and usually, the vehicle will continue to run even if an oil change is skipped. The real reason is that the time and low cost of regular oil changes as preventative maintenance are much better than risking the possible damage that can occur if the oil has gone bad.

Who Conducts Diesel Oil Change in Pasco County, Florida

In the New Port Richey, FL area, including New Port Richey, Elfers, Seven Springs, Odessa, Bayonet Point, and Tarpon Springs, FL, the local dealership Volkswagen of New Port Richey offers oil changes along with any other maintenance or repairs a vehicle might need. Our technicians are trained to understand each model car's needs and why maintenance is scheduled when it is, along with any recall or warranty information that might apply to any specific vehicle.