Volkswagen Transmission Services

We’re ready and willing to help you with your transmission services, and we want to show you just how good of an experience service here can be.


Certified Volkswagen Transmission Service in Pasco County, FL

While the engine is the focus of many vital services and repairs in a vehicle, your transmission plays an equally vital role in getting you from point A to point B. Transmissions take the torque from the engine and distribute it by way of gears so that you can accelerate at both lower and higher speeds without making the engine work too hard. The best way to keep your transmission in good shape is through transmission services, which we do at Volkswagen of New Port Richey.



The Transmission Services We Offer

Our certified Volkswagen service center is fully equipped to give you all the services you need, and our experts are trained for the same. We truly provide you with all the services you could need, including transmission services. Here are some of the transmission services we can provide:

  • Transmission Inspection - Let our certified Volkswagen experts take a look at your transmission, and they’ll be sure to find anything that you need to take care of, big or small. You can rest easy knowing that your transmission has been inspected by the best.
  • Transmission Fluid Exchange - Like the oil change for the engine, a transmission fluid exchange renews the protections and functions of your transmission fluid, keeping it at its best. Transmission fluid exchanges are the best way to keep your current transmission as long as possible.
  • Transmission Replacement - When your transmission goes out, you’re going to need either a new transmission or a new car. We can help you keep your old car and get that new transmission into place and working well.
Volkswagen Transmission Service

We Provide OEM Parts for Your Transmission Services

If you need a replacement part throughout your service, we’ve got OEM parts ready and waiting for you. These are the same parts your car received in the factory, so it’s almost like new with OEM parts. Volkswagen thoroughly tests OEM parts, so you know you’re getting the highest levels of quality, performance, and safety when you use genuine Volkswagen parts.

Visit Volkswagen of New Port Richey for Your Transmission Service

We’re ready and willing to help you with your transmission services, and we want to show you just how good of an experience service here can be. Our comfortable waiting room has free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and a complimentary beverage and coffee bar for you to enjoy. There are also business workstations if you need to use the time you spend with us that way. We’re open through Saturday, so use our online scheduling tool or call to set up your appointment today!

You’ll see why Volkswagen drivers in Tarpon Springs, Seven Springs, Elfers, and Bayonet Point come to us for transmission services.